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Dr. Michelle Massa, DC,  facilitates healing and self discovery for individuals so they feel full of natural energy, free of aches and pains, and have clear and alert minds. A specialist in ergonomics, Dr. Massa helps her patients unlock tightness and subluxations caused from too many hours staring down at screens and years of poor body mechanics. Her patients report feeling more vibrant and powerful as they face life with renewed excitement. Dr. Massa is both an intuitive healer and a detail focused doctor, blending the best of both worlds to serve her patients to the fullest. 


When I first came to see Dr. Massa, I limped into her office seeking help for excruciating sciatic pain. I’d already been to several other practitioners and no one could help me find relief. When she examined me, she knew exactly what was going on, why the other treatments had failed and what needed to be done. She gave me a series of treatments that gave my life back to me. Not only did she give me adjustments, but she recommended exercises to help speed up my recovery. Her knowledge of nutrition, body mechanics, ergonomics, exercise, fitness and meditation separate her from the average chiropractor. In my book, she’s extraordinary and I’m so grateful she’s helped me regain my health.

Nancy M., Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Working with Dr.Michelle Massa is amazing. I have seen more results in the last few months from our sessions than after more than a year of physical therapy. 


The two things I admire most in Dr. Massa are her precise attention to detail and excellent communication skills. She pays very close attention to my body and pinpoints the exact source of my pain. Because of this, my pain has gone down considerably and my posture is improving everyday. She teaches me how to accelerate my recovery process with specific exercises, proper form and strength conditioning. I feel a foot taller when I leave her office and want to skip to my car!


This overall restoration is helping other problems I was facing like migraines, indigestion and sinus blockage. Michelle truly has set off a domino effect of restoration and wellness in my life. Thank you SO much!

Alexa I., Sales Associate 

 techniques used 

Traditional Chiropractic

Instrument Adjusting

Manual Myofascial Release

Functional Nutrition

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