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Weight loss coaching


  • Dr. Michelle Massa, DC, helps her patients overcome the emotional triggers and subconscious roadblocks that sabotage weight loss maintenance. Her weight loss coaching supports individuals struggling with yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful weight maintenance. Her clients discover self-healing that opens up a freedom to thrive.

  • A specialist in people of size, Dr. Massa’s patients report feeling more active, confident and balanced as they face life with renewed motivation. Her approach is compassionate, science based and detail focused. With over 20 years of experience in the weight loss industry, she is on a mission to help people who have spent years -or even a lifetime -struggling to live a life at their ideal weight.

  • A lifelong wellness enthusiast, she founded her holistic personal training and nutrition coaching business in 1997 and has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of individuals.

Available Packages​

Online Course $99

Online Course plus Supplements $828

Online Course plus Supplements & Coaching (4 calls) plus supplements $1128

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